Thank you for your interest, I’m delighted to work with you!
If you would like a chance at getting a commission slot, please follow these steps below. My commission queue is filled slightly different than others so it is important that you read and understand how the process works!



Base Sketch Fee - $38
Includes a simple character, bare shoulders/neck, no armor design or complicated jewelry, markings, or features. Elf ears, cat ears, horns are no additional fee.

► Armor/Clothing - +$10
All armor and clothing will be shoulder up designs.

► Additional Designs - +$10
This includes scars, jewelry, tattoos, and other various markings.

► Watch Live on Stream - +$20
Enjoy the process and watch your character design come to life on twitch! Changes cannot be requested while the stream is live but you will still get an opportunity to request changes once the sketch and final versions are sent.


► Commission slots are opened for a limited time. A requested commission slot is, however, not a guarantee that you will receive a commission.

► Patrons get an opportunity to submit first. This can sometimes fill the queue and in this case sketches won’t be open to the public that month. Become a patron for updates.

► It can take up to 30 days to receive a commission acceptance email. I choose a new commission daily(or how ever frequently I am available for that month).

If you are chosen, I will email you and request payment via paypal with an invoice. You have 24 hours to pay or your slot will be given to someone else.

► If you are not chosen during an opening but would like to try during the next, you must resubmit your request.


► You will receive an email accepting your commission request application.

You are required to pay within 24 hours of receiving my email.

When payment is received, I will begin sketching your character.

You will receive an initial rough sketch that will require approval before I start painting.
Edits can be made in this phase for no additional cost.

The painting phase begins.
I will not contact you again until the sketch is fully painted.

► Sketches are completed within one week of payment being received.
I will notify you in case of changes or in case of a refund.

I will email you the final version for approval.
One single round of changes can be made during this phase for no additional cost. Large, or additional changes after this phase will cost extra.

After approval, you will receive the full resolution image and a watermarked version for sharing.

You can pay an additional fee to receive a professional, high quality art print after completion.
Details and cost of art prints can be discussed at the time of ordering. You will receive a 10% discount on an art print if you purchase at the time of your commission. Signed and unsigned options are available.


► All references MUST be submitted together. I get a lot of inquiries and cannot receive your references in DMs.

► I reserve the right to refund projects at any time. Clients will always be notified.

► If you repost the artwork - tag @sylessae, link to and only share the watermarked version.

► Pets and companions are not included in portrait price. As of right now, I am not accepting companions in commission requests.

► I am most comfortable drawing humanoid characters(adding elf/animal ears/alien features is fine).

► Female characters are a preference but I also draw male characters.

► I may not accept requests that I feel might not fit my skills or style. This includes patrons and non patrons.

► Rights to the artwork belong to me and commissioned artwork is for personal use only. You may not sell or redistribute.

► Refunds may not be requested by the commissioner once initial sketches have been approved. Only partial refunds will be issued post initial sketch phase unless I have not started on your project.

► Prices subject to change in the future.

► Tips are welcome and appreciated! Art is my full time job.




If you are trying to request a commission slot but have stumbled upon a password protected page, that means commissions are currently closed or only open for patrons. Patrons get first dibs on commission slot openings.

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