Daemon Animauras

Daemon Animauras is a series based on strong fantasy female characters. Each girl is defined by the features of a single animal, interpreted in a way that best represents my style and imagination. Characters blend within snippets of story to invoke a sense of wonder while viewing each painting. Each girl will be available as a limited edition print through patreon.

As the project is still in progress, all of the funded animals will be listed below!
Future funded projects will be added as they are completed.

The project is supported by our patreon & twitch communities.


NASCHA - Horned Owl

Borne on silent wings, amber eyes pierce the veil of winter. The warden of the wood does not suffer interlopers.



RAJNI - White Tiger

Few hunters dare walk in the heart of her jungle. Those brave enough to traverse the trees are only awarded a glimpse of the queen before they realize that they have become the prey.



AXELIA - Armadillo Lizard

This spirit surrounds herself with supplicants and their tribute, though her devotees dread the day when their gifts no longer please her.



WIP - Jellyfish



WIP - Orchid Mantis



WIP - Sphynx Cat