I am a self-taught, freelance digital artist known as Sylessae across the web. I began my art adventure only a handful of years ago; in 2016 I picked up a Wacom tablet pen for the very first time.

A majority of my artwork revolves around fantasy characters - elves and horned characters alike - with a focus on color and wonder. I spent two years of my art career traveling and soaking in the inspiration I found in a different city every week. A coffee shop always made a great backdrop to the characters that began popping up in my head.

Now I spend my time with the online art community on twitch and twitter; live streaming has been the way in which I connect with other fellow creatives and express myself in ways I have never been able to do before. You can join me on my journey every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday on twitch or get to know me via some interviews with fellow creators!

Unconventional Geek Interview (6/10/2019)